Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs)
Our accurate planning images (Accurate Visual Representations and Verified Views) are produced in accordance with a defined and verifiable process which ensures our computer generated imagery represents as accurately as possible the proposals in context prior to construction. 
The purposes of our procedures are to:
Accurately demonstrate the project’s visual impact
Avoid misinterpretation
Provide certainty
Document procedures to provide an image production audit trail
We will supply a Production Verification Document in support of our accurate imagery which provides the information necessary to prove an accurate image production method statement has been followed.
Verified Views
What is a Verified View?
A Verified View is an accurate photomontage image that has been produced by following a defined process (Method Statement) and each part of the process is recorded in a Production Verification Documnet. This information could be used by a third party to re-create and 'verify' the accuracy of our imagery.
Visual Impact Assessments
Environmental Impact Assessments
Viewpoint Scoping and Appraisal
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