“EYELEVEL were picked on the basis of strong track record, a robust method statement and a competitive quote. Views needed to be absolutely accurate for planning purposes."
Hawkins\Brown Architects
“Artist's impressions that are not accurately constructed are not recommended."
Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
Third Edition (2013)
An accurate planning image is referred to as an Accurate Visual Representation (AVR)
AVR Definition:
“A still or moving image which reliably shows the location of a proposed development as accurately as possible; it may illustrate the degree to which the development will be visible, its detailed form or the proposed use of materials.”
London View Management Framework (LVMF)

Avoid Planning Delays:
AVR images remove uncertainty and objections. An accurate image will help speed up the planning and development process.
AVRs must be prepared following a well-defined and verifiable procedure and can be relied upon by assessors to represent accurately the selected visual properties of a proposed
Gain the Trust of Local Authorities:
Prove your images are accurate by submitting an AVR Production Document with all planning imagery which includes the Method Statement and records all information used in image production.
AVR Imagery:
AVR Level 0
Toned Area Showing Location and Size Ideal for first meeting with Local Authority
AVR Level 1
Redline Confirming Degree of Visibility Lower cost AVR planning Image
AVR Level 2
Shaded Explaining Architectural Form Discuss form without distraction of coloured 
AVR Level 3
Photorealistic Confirming Use of Materials Most realistic AVR planning image
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